No more holidays

Liz came back from the snow on Friday, but not in entirely good shape. She had a bit of a fall only 100m from the end of the last day's skiing, and damaged her shoulder quite severely. Get well soon, Liz!

I got my new bed last week—a queen size! It feels great, and was really worth the money (almost $1200 for bed plus mattress) even if I lose a bit of floor space in my bedroom. I also found myself cleaning up a fair bit to make space... probably a good thing.

I've worked out my timetable for this semester, and you can have a look here, or there's a link to the left. There's still a few other things to add on, but it looks like I'll have a couple of days free (probably for work).

Argh! Uni starts tomorrow, and I'm tired of it already. Back in school, everyone used to say that we'd get heaps of holidays at uni, but it hasn't seemed to be that way for me. I've just decided I'm going to take it easy over Christmas this year, and not do any crazy stuff like summer school or projects or anything. Maybe I'll go away... mmm... feeling better already :)

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