Project ends

The Deaf Society project pretty much ended today, when we gave the final version (excluding bugfixes) to our customer. She was real happy with the result of the project, and it was a good experience overall.

I thought using XP for the project was very interesting and beneficial. I think we were more productive because of it, and had a product we could give to the client just 10 days into the project! I think it's going to be hard to go back to so-called "waterfall" development, which we have to use for our SDD project this semester.

Speaking of SDD, I did actually end up going to the introductory lecture yesterday, but I'm not sure it was worth it. (I ended up doing project work with Dave until 12.30am at uni that night, so we could get finished.) The organisation of the lecture and group registration was incredibly poor, as I'm sure all the other students who went would agree.

The others in the project group told me that things had been exactly the same last year, when they did the subject. You would think that lecturers would catch on after a while, and do something to improve the process...

I went to see Gomez on Tuesday night with two Daves. They performed very well, and played a few old favourites (but not Rhythm and Blues Alibi) as well as most of the tracks from their new record.

It seems my resolution to write more frequently didn't eventuate. Maybe I'll have more free time to do it when uni goes back. It's the end of the holidays already, and I feel more exhausted now than when they started. I hope I'll have some time to rest before the uni assignments hit.

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