Yes, this blog is still alive. Despite my lack of posts over the past six months, much has happened.

The great monster of SDD has come and gone. My work with Bankwest is going steady. Many happy times and holidays have been had. Exams came and went in two days, followed by another holiday for a week.

I experienced what I think is the most demanding task so far in my life this semester—a subject called Systems Design and Development (SDD). It's a project for a group of 10, and our task was to develop a telesales system for a fictional company.

Our objectives were fixed, but the deliverables were somewhat flexible, which made the project a major headache to manage. I was the leader of the team, but everyone in the team pulled together to produce an excellent piece of software. The software was written in object-oriented Perl, using the Template Toolkit, similar to this site.

The site will be operational for a few more weeks, hopefully. You can try it out if you like. (Contact me for a username and password.)

Work at Bankwest is going along as normal. I'm still working on a little VBA system to generate contracts using Excel and Word document templates. It's still interesting, and I'm now working on a second system, which is allowing me to improve on a lot of the work I did for the first.

More updates to come soon. What's next? Holidays and music!

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