Swedish word of the day: självklart

I was an exchange student in Sweden a few years back, and am fortunate enough to have picked up one of the more obscure European languages. I've decided to occasionally post an interesting word, in the flavour of this blog but a little more detailed.

Today's Swedish word of the day is självklart. It is an adjective meaning obvious or evident, and also an interjection meaning obviously. It is a compound of själv meaning self, and klart meaning clear.

It's intriguing how many words make sense like this in Swedish, when you understand their components.

In a sentence you might say, "det är självklart att svenska inte är svårt", meaning "it's obvious that Swedish isn't difficult".

As with other Swedish adjectives, the case of the adjective must agree with the subject. For "ett" nouns, you use självklart; for "en" nouns, you use självklar.

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