Slovenian greetings

Thinking fairly rationally we thought, Liz and I have been heading south in search of warmth for a few weeks now. From Amsterdam, we visited the Rhine river in western Germany between Koblenz and Mainz. Unfortunately it only got colder. We travelled back into Austria, through Salzburg, and met with some snow. We arrived in Bled, Slovenia, and trudged through the most snow we've seen so far -- over a metre still on the ground! Obviously, we should have been heading back to Scandanavia for the tropical weather.

Snow-covered angels

Anyway, the real reason I'm posting is to let you know about some more photos that we've just uploaded. The list is in reverse order, so start at the bottom if you haven't seen the others. It's still a month or so out of date, but we're working on it.

Portrait of Matt Ryall

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