Public transport woes

Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach, out of reach

Liz and I had planned to go to the beach today after work, but Sydney's horrendous public transport system efficiently put a stop to that.

As I write this, Liz is sitting on a stationary train 100 metres away from Milson Point station. The train pulled away from the station almost an hour ago, before the entire train network on Sydney's North Shore lost power.

Fortunately, they were able to restore the air conditioning about 10 minutes ago.

My trip to Bondi was also stalled, but this time by buses. The bus I was waiting for was twenty minutes late! After waiting these twenty minutes for the right bus to appear, the bus driver refused to let the people waiting on the kerb join the bus!

A kerbside rant at the bus driver was given by yours truly, and the bus driver drove away with his hands raised — what was he to do?

By this time, I'd heard about Liz's situation, so we cancelled our plans and I walked home. Liz is not so lucky. She's still trapped now after I've been home for half an hour.

I really hope there's a change for the better in the state elections which take place on March 24.

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