Happy New Year from Edinburgh

Although Liz and I are back in London, our belated good wishes come from Edinburgh, where we spent a chilly and slightly wet New Year's period. We had a great night celebrating with my cousins Todd and Brad, only slightly disappointed by the cancellation of the fireworks display.

The city of Edinburgh was packed. I'm fairly certain there were more tourists than the 400,000 residents. Hogmanay, the famous street party, only allowed 100,000 people in (wow!), and we didn't have tickets. But this didn't mean we were out in the cold, because all the city was alive. We spent a few hours on New Year's Eve with my cousins in a pub in the old part of town.

I hope everyone had a great New Year celebration. If you like, please post a comment with what you were upto.

Now we've just three more days in London, and then a plane trip on the 6th to Stockholm. I'm looking forward to catching up with my Swedish friends after nearly three years.

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