16 December 2011

Exceptional Australia

Is the Australian economy exceptional? Possum Comitatus writing at Crikey argues that it is:

So this is our economic reality – we are the wealthiest nation in the world with 75.5% of our adult population making it into the global top 10%, our economy has grown faster than nearly all others (certainly faster than all other developed countries), our household income growth has been one of the fastest in the world (including our poor having income growth larger than everyone else’s rich!), we have the highest minimum wages in the world, the third lowest debt and the 6th lowest taxes in the OECD and are ranked 2nd on the United Nations Human Development Index.

And this didn’t happen by accident.

The post is well-written and chock full of data showing how Australia stands out from the other developed countries in almost every metric. Interesting stuff.

Link: Australian Exceptionalism.