26 September 2008

Webjam 8 roundup

Webjam 8 was the first Webjam I’ve been to, and I had a great time. Frenetic 3-minute talks from inspiring presenters and chatting to loads of web guys about their work — what could be more fun?

I found all the presentations interesting, but here are a few that still stand out the morning after:

  • Mister Speaker demoed his amazing TurnTubeList, which allows dynamic cross-fading of YouTube videos for party music mixing.
  • Dmitry gave a coding demo of RaphaĆ«l, where he threw together a dynamic reflection page in two minutes. TextMate wizardry FTW.
  • Diana gave an awesome talk about her work on the Local Government web network. She was just captivating: interesting ideas, great delivery.
  • A couple of Opera guys gave demos of their latest technology. What blew me away was a demo of their <video> tag implementation, and embedding video content in animated SVG. Totally amazing.

There were many other cool demos, and I had a great time catching up with contacts and friends. Thanks to Lachlan and the Webjam 8 team for putting on a great show.

Webjam photo
Webjam 8 (photo: Halans)