21 October 2005

One example of Web 2.0 integration

The neatest thing about the Web 2.0 technologies is the ease with which you can come up with new and useful combinations. Take for instance, social bookmarking, RSS feeds, freely available video content, and iTunes as a feed reader:

It was never heavily advertised by Apple, but iTunes has been able to play video for a while now, at least since version 4.9. And since iTunes also accepts RSS feeds, I've been watching funny videos in iTunes for a while.

I do that by putting the following feed into the "subscribe to podcast" field in iTunes:


That's from Fred Wilson, and he goes on to say how it's even better now there's a video iPod available.

There's a lot of useless noise around about Web 2.0, so it's these concrete examples of integrating the technologies that inspire me.

Once again, however, the problem becomes how do you filter all the great content available to just the stuff you want to see. RSS is a great enabler, but I now find myself overwhelmed by podcasts and videos as well as text content. This is a tricky problem, but stay tuned for more of my thoughts on this area.