8 July 2005


Once again in the wake of disaster, the Internet has proved to experience none of the problems affecting more traditional networks.

London's phone and mobile systems have been under heavy load, and many people have struggled to contact their friends and relatives. By comparison, Tom Evslin says, IP telephony just works.

Many Internet-only news sources have an array of articles and commentary, most much more interesting than the continual death-count focus of the TV stations I've seen.

  • Memeorandum (via Scoble) follows much of the news on the Blogosphere
  • Wikipedia and Wikinews are both working on excellent summaries with photos and commentary.
  • Two Flickr communities have sprung up (bomb, londonexplosions) to collate photos of the event.
  • Boing Boing lists about a hundred blogs and other news sources covering the event.