21 July 2005

London in trouble again?

There have been news flashes on several major stations (BBC, Sky, CNN) about further incidents in London. No confirmed details yet, but reports of smoke and explosions make it sounds like there could be more trouble.

I'm yet to find any significant news on the blogs, keep an eye on Technorati.

Update: (14:10 London time) There are a few bloggers elaborating the details a bit. It seems that three tube stations have been hits by blasts: Warren Street, Shepherd's Bush and Oval. There's also reports of problems aboard a bus at Hackney.

The Guardian blog seems to have good coverage, and be quite up to date. According to them, Scotland Yard is not yet considering this a significant incident.

"Donkey on the edge" has a few photos from Warren St tube station, but all they show is the emergency services moving into place.