18 January 2005

Wanted: RSS feed of Australian news

Having recently subscribed to CNN to catch important headlines in my Newsgator, I glance through all of them every few hours. There's little going on in the US that I miss.

However when (Australian Opposition Leader) Mark Latham resigned today, and I heard about it first from a colleague, I realised how out of touch with Australian news I am. As I become more reliant on RSS feeds for keeping me up to date, I'm missing out on local knowledge because there are no regular, high-quality RSS feeds from Australian news outlets.

The Sydney Morning Herald RSS feeds are the only ones I know officially released by a news company, and they're useless: five entries with headlines only, and only updated twice a day!

I mean, if the Australian Democrats are doing it, why is it so hard for a company with frequently updated content that thousands of people are interested in reading?