24 October 2004

Oi Matt, where’s the search?

I got to my site today and wanted to find an old article, and it hit me. My site really sucks without a search. Definitely something I'll have to work on soon.

Maybe I should point out as well, since I haven't mentioned it since a long time ago, all the code on this site is my own. No Blogger or MoveableType in my backyard!

In the past few months, I've thought about it a lot. How much easier would it be to use a pre-built framework? I could get the layout I want, the exact font and formatting, put photos on the front page with no effort.

But in the end I decided, it's much more fun to do it yourself. Not only is it a challenge to come up with a completely new idea, distinct from any Blogger template, but it's also an ongoing challenge to implement it and fix the bugs that arise.

So to any people considering starting a blog, especially those who already have a bit of programming knowledge: arm yourself with a web scripting language like Perl, Python, or heaven forbid -- PHP, design something up in XHTML, and away you go!