16 September 2004

Developing an accounting system

Although it was a few years ago now, I have vague memories of an accounting subject in second year at UTS. The subject was called Accounting Information Systems, but since we were all clueless IT students with no idea about basic accounting, all the lecturer could hope to cover in one semester was the basics of accounting. We didn't at all go into how you'd develop an information system to do accounting. It didn't seem like much of a loss at the time.

Roll forward several years, and now I've decided I want to organise my accounts. But not just in the ad hoc manner of spreadsheets that I've used for several years now. I want a full-blown double-entry report-generating expense-calculating accounting system. And I want to write it.

Searching on the internet, it appears that there aren't actually that many nerds out there scratching their heads over accounting problems. In fact, I could only find two good references to it: one on the Wiki, and the other by some random accountant. Maybe all the smart people are using software written by somebody else?

Other software aside, I thought it might be useful to other nerds (computing, not accounting) out there to share my progress and my discoveries about the world of accounting as I proceed. Stay tuned...