10 December 2002


I just came back from a weekend down at the Houghton's farm near Berry. We were marking cattle—one of the times every man is glad he wasn't born a bull! There were more serious bushfires around N.S.W. over the weekend, but hopefully the rain today will mean a little relief for the firefighters and residents.

There's a herd of giant jellyfish swarming off the coast of Japan. Eeek!

I went to see a few concerts over the past couple of months. Most notable was Darren Hanlon at the Metro Theatre. He was fantastic. I'd also recommend his album, Hello Stranger (if I haven't already mentioned it to you). I also went to see Jamiroquai at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Not as good unfortunately, as I expected. The sound quality was a bit of a let-down; probably the result of a very large venue—they can't make the sound excellent (or even mediocre, apparently) for everyone there.

The next Lord of the Rings movie, the Two Towers, will be released on the same day as my exam results (December 18). Guess which one I'm looking forward to? :)