13 July 2002


I was speaking to Dave the other day about our blogs, and decided that I should post more often. I think I'll do this, even if I don't have anything particularly interesting to say. Any post is better than no post, right? ... Well we'll see soon, won't we? :)

Yesterday, my project team showed the first release of our software to our Deaf Society contact. She was pleased with the result so far. In a way, this was pretty much expected, since we'd been sending her incremental versions since the second day of the project.

I went over to Dave's place afterwards, and we watched the end of The Bridge Over The River Kwai. I thought it was a marvellous movie.

Today was fairly relaxing. I woke up late, and spent some time reading. I'm currently reading London, The Novel (buy it), and really enjoying it. It is a pseudo-history book, with a number of chronological short stories that trace through the history of London. It is excellent in its detail, and the way the author keeps family threads running through the stories. Here is a page linking to various commentaries on the book.

A letter came yesterday from uni, saying that I am required to attend an introductory lecture for a subject during semester break! I'm a bit annoyed about this, and I know for sure that a few of my friends won't be able to come, due to holiday plans. I couldn't find anything in the university rules about keeping subjects within the dates of semester, but they should be!

I also spent a bit of time reading everything2, and found this freaky article (warning: extremely offensive). That somebody could ever write something so scathing and hurtful really shocked me. After a second reading, I've decided I'm not going to debase my weblog with that link after all.