24 June 2002

XP and Exams

I'll be starting a project at uni next week. It's a group project with three other students, and we're going to be developing a booking system for the Deaf Society of NSW using Delphi.

The most interesting part of this project is that we'll be using a relatively new development methodology called Extreme Programming (XP).

I'm not very familiar with XP yet, but it involves pair programming, and very quick turnarounds on development. One of the key ideas it to release early and release often. Customer involvement is also a critical factor in XP.

There are quite a few sites around about XP. Here are a few interesting ones:

Look! Scientists have created an animal: half-spider, half-goat... Amazing!

Still one exam to go: systems modelling, at 6pm on Wednesday. Shouldn't be too tricky because it's an open-book test. All the other exams came and went without any major problems.

Accounting surprised me a bit, because we were supposed to know how to calculate more methods of depreciation than I'd ever heard of. But my balance sheet balanced, so I don't think I can go too badly. :)