8 June 2002

Retrospective, Part II

Another interesting event in the past few weeks was the creation of The List. The List came to be after Liz and her brother David realised my relative naivete with regard to the "classics" of modern-day cinema.

One morning around two weeks ago, we sat down and came up with a list of 48 movies that either Liz or I hadn't seen, or needed to see again. I will get a copy of it at some stage, and post it here so you can see.

Today, we could cross the first two films off The List: Dances With Wolves, and Good Morning Vietnam. Not such rapid progress, but I'm sure our pace will improve. :)

I went to see Paul Dempsey at the Metro on Saturday, 25 May. In case you didn't know, he's the singer from Something For Kate (one of my favourite bands), and has a great solo performance. Unfortunately, he didn't play any songs he doesn't perform with the band as a whole, but hopefully that will improve over time.

There's more retrospective to come, I think, but it's late so I'll just post a few cool links:

  • How Stuff Works - I think the name is pretty self-explanatory here. It's cool. :-)
  • rocknerd.org - an interesting Australia music news site that also focuses on technology.
  • Here come the Ratbots - a BBC news article from about a month ago. It's pretty freaky--radio controlled rats!