25 April 2002

A little jazz

I went back to Soup Plus last week to see the Moods Band play again. Again, they were fantastic. With the exception of our food, which took forever to be served, it was a good night and I think I might go see them again in a month's time (but eat elsewhere).

As a bonus, Liz bought me their CDs which were on sale at the gig. Thanks, Liz! The standout for me was definitely the Cantina Band from Star Wars, which they did very well. A little jazz is good for the mind, I've decided. For me, it provides some interesting ideas for my own music, as well as leading my thoughts onto other things. And it sounds good, too!

In other musical news, we also went along to see Ben Folds at the Enmore Theatre last Friday. Damn, he is good. He played the entire gig by himself on stage, with just his piano and microphone. As you might know, he's one of my favourite performers, and this was the first time I've seen him play live. Simply amazing!

In a strange discussion on IRC, I just found out that a couple of years ago, one man played a perfect game of Pacman. Some people have too much spare time (probably including those those that spend hours posting useless ponderings on the web ;)).

Have fun, y'all!