8 March 2002

Uni, Music & Movies

The first week of uni is done now, and it didn't seem like much happened at all. Four introductory lectures, and a lab session that covered only fundamental UNIX concepts hardly left me reeling from mental overload. But I suppose it is good to start off with an easy first week, and my body still feels like it's in holiday mode.

It also seems that we have been provided with somewhat interesting lecturers this semester—ones who may even know a bit about what they are lecturing! I may sound cynical, but it's hard not to be after the assortment we had last year.

I've recently been listening to a good album by Michael Franti and Spearhead, called Stay Human. It's a concept album about the death penalty, and it does it in quite an interesting way using radio clips in between the music tracks. They'll also be playing a few gigs around Sydney shortly, including one at the Metro Theatre.

Also in the last week, I had the opportunity to sit down and watch Memento. I thought it was a fantastic film, and definitely one I'll have to watch over again to fully understand. The concept is quite original, and the way the film is put together really puts you in the mindset of its main character, Leonard. He struggles through life with a condition where he is unable to make new memories; his only goal is to avenge his murdered wife.

That makes me think of some more content to put on this page—film, album and book reviews. I think I'd enjoy writing a few paragraphs to summarise my opinions, so you may see some of that here in the future.