About Matt

Matt Ryall, who writes on this blog sporadically, spends most of his life writing software. When not doing that, he enjoys reading non-fiction, taking poorly-framed photographs and listening to a selection of music primarily from the last millennium.

He currently works for Atlassian as a software developer, building Confluence, the enterprise wiki. This might explain his recent fascination with web applications and Java development, but his doctor is still worried.

Matt lives in Sydney, but tries to get out and see as much of the world as he possibly can.

About this site

The weblog runs on software written by Matt, with snippets of Perl barely held together by shoelaces and chewing gum. It was created from scratch in early 2002 and still has scars from its troubled childhood.

Web standards were important even back then, so this site has been serving standards-compliant HTML since the beginning. The stylesheets and feeds provided by this site should also validate.

If you’re using a modern, standards-compliant browser and have any trouble accessing this site, please let me know.