3 July 2008

Coffee strategy

I’ve decided on a strategy for dealing with all the coffee places around our office. All of them have different prices and different quality coffee, so I decided I needed a way to try out the different places systematically.

My new strategy is this: stick with one coffee place until I complete one of their coffee cards for a free coffee. This not only ensures I get the cheapest price possible at each location, but also gives me enough coffee to try so I can judge the quality.

I drink a regular flat white (a caffelatte without the foam on top, for those outside Australia) at every place.

Here are the ones I’ve tried so far:

  • Lime — My old regular place. Okay coffee, but varies a lot in quality. Cheap: $2.20 (no coffee card).
  • Brolga — Good coffee, very consistent. Expensive: $2.60 ($2.36 including discount).
  • Plan B — Good coffee, can vary a bit in milk frothiness. Moderately expensive: $2.50 ($2.27 including discount).

Would anyone like to recommend where to try next? I’ve got five coffees left on my card at Plan B.

I’ve created a map of the local area with the places I’ve tried. You should be able to edit it if you have a Google account.

Coffee around Atlassian (source)