19 June 2008

Sydney Apple store opens

A photo of the new Apple store
Sydney Apple Store, by Charles Miller

This afternoon a new and very nice looking Apple Store opened on George Street in Sydney. I walked up shortly after opening time, and the rain was just starting to come down on the large queue of fans stretching almost two blocks back from the entrance.

My dilemma, and the main reason I didn't end up queuing myself, was this: what would I do once I got in there? I already have all the iPods I need, all the Macs I need, and they're not selling iPhones until next month. I couldn't really justify queuing up to go inside a store where I didn't want to buy anything, regardless of how awesome it looks.

Did anyone go along tonight? What was it like? Was there anything more to see than three levels of Apple merchandise? There certainly were a lot of people in there.

Update: Apparently Apple gave out umbrellas to the people waiting in the rain. I’m impressed.