16 June 2008

Gold class

On Saturday, Liz and I went to see the Sex and the City movie. We went to the gold class cinema because I had a few tickets from work Fedex prizes.

What was really interesting was the fact that all the gold class sessions for that movie on Saturday were completely full. We got two of the last seats for the entire day.

With that many people in the cinema, Greater Union (AHD) is probably able to make some money off its gold class business. They have quite a few staff in the area and serve up some fairly nice food. You need full cinemas to have the economy of scale to support that.

I'm pretty sure this success, however, was due to the movie itself, not due to any the cinema had done. There were groups of 20- and 30-something women flocking to see the movie in gold class, where they could sip their cosmopolitans while watching the girls in NYC. I'm not sure how the cinema could replicate that with a different film.