7 October 2004

New hosting

Over the past week or two I've been in the process of moving the hosting for this site. Having shaken off the shackles of the Your-Site behemoth, I'm now facing the brave new world of co-operative hosting.

My new provider is the Tau Ceti Co-operative, a volunteer group based in Victoria. From this change, you can expect faster connections from Australia and hopefully better functionality over time. Rather than undertaking a process of inexorably restricting their users, these guys are continually improving their service, which should allow me to improve mine.

The first real change since I moved can be seen on the photos from my Europe trip. I've now got the capacity to show all the previously archived pictures. You might also notice that the time and date are now indicated for the images. With my newly regained shell access, I could install the great pure perl EXIF module Image::ExifTool.