30 September 2004

US Congress proposes bill to allow torture

Although I haven't been able to get any deeper information on it than a few blog posts, the suggestion that this might be true is extremely worrying. References:

Please let me know if anyone can find the content of the 9/11 Commission Report bill that substantiates these claims.

Update 11:23 AM: The full text of the proposed bill can be read here. It looks like this is serious. Scary.

Update 11:37 AM: Although the link above seems to be genuine (you can get there from the index), it seems like the underlying document has been removed. The two entries on the index before and after still work. I'll let you know if I find a mirror.

Update 11:47 AM: To see the full text of the bill, search for bill "HR 10" on http://thomas.loc.gov. Sections 3032 and 3033 are the relevant parts. Unfortunately, I can't link directly because of limitations in their site.