11 August 2004

When it rains, it pours

Well, it hasn't recently done either in Sydney, judging by our backyard. If only there were some way of taking the water from the two-thirds of Bangladesh that's currently submerged and sprinkling it around over here.

But what I was actually talking about was my propensity to post multiple articles in quick succession, after a long drought of inactivity. Of course, in this instance there's a reasonable excuse: the ridiculous cost of Internet access in French Polynesia (A$40 per hour).

The reason for this post is a quick update on me. I'm back in Sydney, and starting work again for Macquarie Bank next week. I'd be glad to hear from any of my friends I haven't yet been able to talk to.

Together with Liz, I'll be reviewing the remainder of our photos over the next couple of weeks and uploading the good ones to the travel page. I've already had a quick browse, and there are a couple of real gems.