6 June 2004


Topless bathing is very much the thing to do on the Cote d'Azur. Unfortunately being gifted with fair skin means I can't enjoy the weather in quite the same way without painful repercussions. Long sleeves, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses are my beach-going fashion. Looking at some of the coffee coloured, leathery skinned women sunbaking with abandon, I feel somewhat satisfied with my choice.

At the moment, I'm taking some time out of the sun to check my mail and all that. Tomorrow Liz and I will be catching a flight with EasyJet to the United Kingdom for her brother's wedding. It will be interesting for me as this will be the first wedding where I'll be attending both the ceremony and the reception.

As it turns out, this internet cafe isn't very good, so I'm going to have to leave. More updates later.