12 June 2003


I haven't posted for a while, because I've been very busy with work and other things. It was my 21st birthday last Wednesday -- yay me!

Liz and various members of her family gave me a digital camera as a present, a Sony DSC-P10. This means I'll have to work out a good way of putting lots of photos up here. I can see the 50MB limit on my web hosting quickly becoming a problem.

Anyway, the main thread of this post was supposed to be the release of my wiki into the wild. I've done a fair bit of work putting a few extra things in the engine, and used it for a few projects. The biggest one so far was the ProjectManagementChallenge. (Now that's an idea: WikiWords should link from here automatically to the wiki!) Now that the challenge and the secrecy is over, you can access it here:


If you want to contribute, feel free. If you are interested in the origins of wikis, have a look at Ward's wiki.

As a part of this release, I've restored information that was moved to other servers for various privacy reasons. There's one more project that I'll be bringing that across in the next few days.

The engine itself is also undergoing constant refinement. Please put suggestions in the SuggestionsBox.