7 June 2002


It has been quite a while since my last post, and I've been really busy. A lot of uni assignments, going out with my girlfriend... there's a lot to talk about. I'll try to go over a few of the interesting bits quickly.

Back on May 6, I went to see a David Williamson play called Soulmates with Liz and her family. I thought it was quite decent, and they did this interesting thing with a rotating stage. The sets were placed on the four sides of this rotating square, which made up the stage. At the end of a scene, the floor rotated left or right to show the next scene.

Later that week, during the uni holidays, I went for a trip on Tim Byford's boat at Newport. Great place over there, and I'd like to learn to sail. No idea if I'll ever get around to it, though. :)

The following week, we were back at uni, but it was an incredibly busy week. I went to see the World Press Photo exhibition on Wednesday morning. It was a free display at the State Library on Macquarie Street. I was meaning to post this while the exhibition was still on, because it was a really good display. But it's a little too late now. Sorry.

I saw Star Wars Episode II on that Thursday. I might get around to writing a review of it, but I'm sure you can find some on the web if you want to find out what the movie is like. I enjoyed it, anyway. Not a masterpiece, not the same as the originals, but it did have a good story, good music, and reasonably good acting. Dialogue was the main weakness of the film, I thought.

If you want to buy your own real lightsaber, you can get it here! ;)

Yikes, I've gotta run. More updates later!