20 April 2002


I did a bit of work on the style of the front page on Monday. Let me know what you think! It turned out to be fairly easy to make the changes to the style (which were pretty minor aesthetic things, actually), thanks a lot to the use of CSS.

As an interesting (and disturbing) aside to Dave's Heritage post, I heard about this story, where a deaf couple chose a sperm donor with congenital deafness, in order to ensure that their baby was also deaf. It seems very wrong to deprive a child of the chance of having full use of their senses, in order to fit better with the parents' lives.

Also in relation to that post, I think that in general, I am against the heritage listing of buildings. This goes especially for those buildings where only the face is listed, resulting in just a mockery of the building left standing where a carpark or Hardwarehouse is developed behind it. The majority of buildings are transitory things, and I think it is rather pointless to preserve them beyond their useful life.