30 March 2002

Happy Easter

I guess I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone a good Easter. I hope you get lots of chocolate and eat it too, and enjoy the long weekend.

I think Easter is an interesting celebration, coming from the convergence of a number of festivities in different cultures and religions. There are quite a few pages on the web with information about it, so I'll just link to the Google directory entry.

Also I saw an interesting column in the New York Times about a topic of conversation that has come up a few times with my friends—bizarre inventions (that might actually be useful).

You might have noticed the summaries of my friends' sites on the right-hand side of this page. It comes from RDF Site Summaries (RSS) running on their sites, and you can find mine here.

I also took some time to clean my keyboard today. It's pretty amazing how much disgusting gunk can get in there over the course of a few months. What a pity I don't have a digital camera to share some pictures with you. ;-)

And now it's about time for some lunch...