3 March 2002

First post!

About time, some people will say, now that I've got this site up and running. Having talked about my new domain for the best part of two months, I've finally got something to show for it. None too early either, since I start uni again on Wednesday.

I've decided to make a weblog to let me write down some interesting things every so often, and also so other people might read a little bit about what I think. And hey, maybe I'll get some interesting email too!

Besides that, it will hopefully form some kind of semi-permanent record of my thoughts and ideas and maybe improve my writing skills. Of course, the weblog tradition of linking to semi-related sites will occur frequently.

I wrote the code for the site myself as a bit of an exercise, and I should mention my friends Dave, Ka-Shu and Keith who were somewhat more diligent that I, and have had their blogs up for a few weeks now. That said, I'm still not content with the state of some things, so there may be broken links and other mishaps until the pages end up the way I like them.