The Wiki page is the main source of information about NoteWiki. Here's the summary that appears there:

NoteWiki is a lightweight standalone wiki written in VbClassic, an older but better version of VisualBasic. Editing is done directly on the text, with hyperlinks generated on the fly. It will probably run on any Windows platform.


11 Nov 2003NoteWiki 0.1.17a21 KB


For instructions on installation and use, see the Wiki page.


The NoteWiki source code that is included in the download is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


This screenshot is what you'll see when you start NoteWiki. Just start editing -- your changes are automatically saved.

NoteWiki screenshot

NoteWiki in the news

Although we haven't hit CNN yet, mention NoteWiki on your blog, and I'll try to capture it here.

14 February 2005 - Triple Entendre tags NoteWiki as wiki windows on

5 February 2005 - Techne (Korea) on the Mentalese blog says this about NoteWiki: 이것도. I imagine he or she is pointing out how it doesn't support Unicode (and therefore Korean). This is due to my use of Microsoft's ASCII-only control. Feel free to recompile it with a newer version -- the source code is included in the download.

22 December 2004 - Leslie S Russell calls NoteWiki "the little ant that moved the rubbertree plant".

21 November 2004 - (Netherlands) mentions NoteWiki on its list of personal wikis.

10 October 2004 - Stefan Svartling blogs about NoteWiki. He says, "This is a really interesting program. Consider that you could have your own personal wiki as a small .exe file, that you could take with you on diskette." (my translation).

14 January 2004 - Stefan Keinz posts a comment on my blog. He says, "NoteWiki is really nice and easy, thanks!"

December 2003 - Many comments appear on the Wiki page after the first release of NoteWiki.


Matt Ryall wrote NoteWiki in late 2003 to see how difficult it would be to write a wiki that could:

  1. save text as you typed
  2. automatically hyperlink as you typed.

It turns out it wasn't that hard. See the code included in the download.

Bugs, suggestions and other things are dealt with on the Wiki page.